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Michael James offers practical ways to find freedom. Freedom from challenging emotions. Freedom from self-criticism and overthinking. Freedom to be authentic and to speak your truth. Freedom of self-expression. Financial freedom. Freedom to create. And freedom to be you. Not just in theory – but where it matters in the middle of everyday life: relationships, finances, body image, confidence, health. His groundbreaking work – facilitated through groups, workshops and powerful one-to-one sessions – gets people in touch with their own sense of self-empowerment and success across all areas of life.

“The term “Life coach” doesn’t do him justice – Michael is a “Life guide”, he has got me in touch with my inner voice and encouraged me to steer my own way powerfully through the storms of life and onto huge success in my career and my relationships. If you want to stop worrying and start living – contact Michael as soon as you can.” Victoria B

“Michael is in a league of his own and has made a profound difference in my life. I don’t know where I’d be without his support… His coaching has shifted my life in a results-focused way, more than any other teaching I know of.” Stephen F

“Michael is the secret weapon for a growing amount of leaders in their field, myself included.” Anton T

“In these fast and furious times we are now living in Michael’s methods for soothing the soul when in times of turmoil are in my view unsurpassed… The wisdom that pours through him, that has felt at times as though it comes from an angelic realm, uplifts me instantly.” Nikki S

“Michael is the epitome of a modern-day New Thought teacher, demystifying the philosophy known as the Law of Attraction (featured in the film The Secret)… he has created a practical and effective approach which goes beyond mere wishful thinking. His work is a step beyond “positive thinking” into something that actually works – and continues to work for many people.” Harry S

“With Michael’s guidance I have massively transformed the prosperity of my business but most importantly he has created a clearing where I have fallen in love with myself” Sarah T

“Michael’s approach is unique: a direct, no BS laser-like way of getting to the origin of problem combined with the reassuring and gentle guiding rays of a Lighthouse in a storm.” Tom P

“Michael is highly intuitive and an emotional expert… A leader in the personal development field.” Cathy P

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