LIGHTHOUSE: Navigate the emotional storms of life and discover the power within you (paperback version)


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Are you ready for a powerful new approach to life?

LIGHTHOUSE will help you find freedom and confidence during life’s challenging times and reconnect you with the empowerment of your Real Self. Based on 15 years of research and working with clients one-to-one and with groups, this book is a revolutionary way to deal with overthinking, depression, anxiety and other lower emotions – and help you feel good again. With simple exercises and practical insights this is an essential guide to refer to again and again: Feeling down, angry or depressed? Your answer can be found by turning to the Feeling Low section. Begin reading anywhere, follow the guidance, and soothe yourself back into peace and calm again. Feeling low on energy or bored? Turn to Feeling Uninspired and relax into your clarity. Already feeling great? Turn to the Feeling Good section, further enhance your already-good mood and take it to the next level.

£8.99 (plus p&p UK only – please email for international orders).

“Lighthouse is an instant classic – even seeing the cover it emanates solace & looks like it’s been around since the 1940s or 50s which is perfect because it contains the same timeless wisdom that those old gems hold & why they’re still read avidly & carried around like a bible or guide for life by new and old students of life alike. Lighthouse is more than a book – it really is a beacon of light in a dark stormy world. It’s full of tips on how to stay afloat & get to safety if you go overboard & get lost at sea. And its based on the authors real experience , not just a nice theory that doesn’t work when you apply it to real life. It’s something solid to hang onto when the sh** hits the fan.” C Hill


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