Workshop: Success with the Law of Attraction

“A rare full-day ‘Masterclass’ workshop suitable for newcomers and those more advanced on their journey.” Michael James

In this event, you will discover how to put into practice some of the best Law of Attraction theories out there. Through Michael’s unique style, you will learn practical and proven ways of change and transformation in everyday life, including:

  • Finding clarity in the sometimes confusing Law of Attraction teachings
  • How to manifest your Ideal Life
  • How to accept where you are and ‘live in the now’
  • How to accept yourself
  • How to be ok with not being ok
  • How to deal with challenging emotions such as ones around a romantic relationship
  • How to discover your life purpose
  • Let go of blocks in a proven, practical way


“In these fast and furious times, we are now living in Michael’s methods for soothing the soul when in times of turmoil are in my view unsurpassed… The wisdom that pours through him, that has felt at times as though it comes from an angelic realm, uplifts me instantly.” Nikki Slade

“Inimitable and authentic.” Tim Wheater