Workshop: Create your Life (Birmingham)

Are you ready to trust in life more, open the door to more good and enjoy new, fulfilling experiences along the way: Better relationships, financial abundance, discovering your life purpose? Are you wanting to let go of uncomfortable ways of thinking or intense emotions? Do you feel you are “working too hard” at your life?

In this afternoon workshop, Michael brings clarity and confidence through all that he has learnt through his popular groups and workshops so far – including sell-out sessions at Birmingham’s Mind Body Spirit Festival – about what works when applying the Law of Attraction. You will discover new ways to let go and surrender – and allow yourself to receive your good: More trust, more acceptance and a greater capacity to enjoy your present moment. Many teachings talk about the power of surrender and letting go – but rarely show us how. This experiential event will show you the “how to”, sharing tools that have worked for many people- and can work for you. With meditation- and powerful written processes, you will open the door to improvement in all areas of your life.

This workshop is ideal for beginners and those who want some further grounding and in-depth insights.

Saturday 12th May The workshop will start at 1:30pm and conclude at 4:30pm

Price: £35.For more information and booking visit: