Take back your power in romantic relationships


Do you find yourself feeling insecure or jealous or mistrusting in romantic relationships? Do you find yourself abandoning your own interests and ‘diminishing your light’ for the sake of a relationship – or always wanting to retreat? Do you find romantic relationships bring up intense feelings within you?

In this evening, with material presented for the first time, we delve into some of those relationship themes you may have found a challenge – and for the first time in a group setting Michael shares some optimistic and practical new information on how you can find peace, power and resolution from wherever you are on this subject.

These relaxing evenings features a group meditation – and an interactive practical process or a question and answer session. Hot drinks and biscuits are also provided.

For several years, Michael has given regular talks and seminars based on personal development principles. His book, Lighthouse: Navigate the emotional storms of life and discover the power within you has been described as a “modern classic up there with Think and Grow Rich” and now, for the first time he begins a weekly talk series in the heart of Covent Garden with a different topic each week.

£15 (advance booking prices – limited places – book here and for more information: www.meetup.com/feelinggood/events/248987651/)