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stormy-seagreyEveryone feels less than their best sometimes. That’s part of life – and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

There is nothing wrong with feeling low no matter how much we feel we “should” be happy all the time. Constantly feeling happy all the way through life might be an ideal goal – but one yet to be accomplished by anyone I’ve ever met. Even the most confident people;  heroes or those you look up to, have their “off” moments – and that’s ok. In fact it’s more than ok.

Feeling low isn’t a part of life that’s “gone wrong” – it’s the time we evolve. Like a full-on workout at the gym, it’s the greatest tension that produces the greatest results later on. However, just as the full-on workout can be turned into a good experience – these moments of evolution don’t have to be so painful.

When you feel low, now isn’t the time to overthink, try to “believe in yourself” or in any way “try” too hard at all – although you may feel compelled to do these things. When your mind is in a storm it is not your friend – so you want to step back from the mind and relax while the storm passes.

This section is filled with articles, blogs and audios designed for when you’re in the middle of a “storm of thoughts”. You may be feeling lonely, depressed, empty or sad. Take a look around this section and you’ll find something that works for you to shift your mood into something better and help you feel ok.


LIGHTHOUSE: Navigate the emotional storms of life and discover the power within you

Are you ready for a powerful new approach to life?

LIGHTHOUSE will help you find freedom and confidence during life’s challenging times and reconnect you with the empowerment of your Real Self. With simple exercises and practical insights this is an essential guide to refer to again and again: Feeling down, angry or depressed? Your answer can be found by turning to the Feeling Low section. Begin reading anywhere, follow the guidance, and soothe yourself back into peace and calm again. Feeling low on energy or bored? Turn to Feeling Uninspired and relax into your clarity. Already feeling great? Turn to the Feeling Good section, further enhance your already-good mood and take it to the next level.