Michael’s one-to-one sessions are highly regarded and he has witnessed impressive results in areas including but not limited to relationships (including work with couples), body image, self-esteem/confidence, career success, finding your life purpose, overcoming depression and anxiety, overcoming addictive/compulsive behaviour, stress management, OCD, managing insomnia, self-acceptance, support with emotional and physical health conditions.

Michael has experienced success with people from all walks of life – and his clients include leading professionals in the City, the health and medical field (including life coaches and therapists), entertainment industries, sports and more.

Everyone wants to feel good. And although we blame all kinds of situations for our problems, it’s our relationship with our mind that determines our lives. Once we sort out our thinking and discover our sense of self-confidence and inner peace, Michael has found, our life works.

What can I expect from a coaching package?

  • A safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment is provided allowing each person to clarify their own individual goals and intentions and talk freely and openly.
  • Self-imposed limitations or blocks are identified and support and gentle guidance is offered in enabling you to rise above these limitations.
  • Practical and highly effective tools, processes and techniques chosen specifically for the individual are shared, some of which can be taken away to be used as an everyday practice. This creates the potential for real and transformational results.

“With Michael’s guidance I have massively transformed the prosperity of my business but most importantly he has created a clearing where I have fallen in love with myself” Sarah T

“Michael is highly intuitive… A leader in the personal development field.” Cathy P

“To be free of my own personal torture routine has brought me peace beyond belief.” Chris C

“Michael is gifted in a completely unique way- he can hear the note of truth in all dialogue and is able to guide you there with grace and ease” Nick W

“Michael’s sessions have saved me a fortune in therapists and medical bills, I’m sure of it… His support has got me to the top of my game professionally and personally.” David R

“Michael is in a league of his own and has made a profound difference in my life. I don’t know where I’d be without his support… His coaching has shifted my life in a results-focused way, more than any other teaching I know of.” Stephen F

“Anxiety, depression and overthinking ruined my life for over twenty years. Nothing helped me – and I’d tried everything – but after a few sessions with Michael it’s like the sun came out and I’m literally free of these patterns that have held me back, which is worth it’s weight in gold. I highly recommend Michael’s work.” Arti A

“I was going to give up on my acting career and now I’m starring in one of the biggest series on television right now. In between these two events, I met Michael. Go figure.” JL

“Michael is the secret weapon for a growing amount of leaders in their field, myself included.” Anton T

Individual appointments usually last for 1 hour and are available in packages of 6 appointments. Michael offers an integrative, intuitive approach evoking elements of Humanistic Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy combined with his own unique method. The packages sometimes include, where relevant, Michael’s signature personalised and specific 1-2-1 visualisations, where new insights are often revealed.

For more information and to book a coaching package please contact: michael@michaeljames.be. (Six one-hour sessions on Skype, including practical work set between sessions. Limited availability.)