Michael’s unique approach is highly regarded and he is known as one of the leading “life coaches” in the UK. Over the last decade he has directly inspired thousands of people (including top life coaches and therapists) one-to-one and through seminars and he has witnessed impressive results in areas including and not limited to: relationships (including work with couples), body image, self-esteem/confidence, career success and financial freedom, finding your life purpose, overcoming depression and anxiety, overcoming addictive/compulsive behaviour, stress management, OCD, managing insomnia, self-acceptance, supporting physical health challenges, men’s issues/sexuality. He has become known for his pioneering solutions in helping people deal with overthinking and soothing intense emotions – those areas which many approaches do not deal with effectively.

“Michael has been key in helping me to get where I am today. He is highly intuitive, and teaches you how to listen to, and act from your Trueself, giving you the practical tools and the confidence to work through the storms of life in an empowering way. His technique is always evolving so no two sessions are ever the same, and I always leave them feeling inspired and powerful. If you commit, the work works, it just does. I have now found the love of my life, and my career is more successful than ever before, but I still do the work, with and without Michael, because he helps you to see that the sky is the limit, no matter where you are in this moment. Warm, patient and most of all, fun. I can’t recommend Michael enough.” Christina C

“My own coach referred me to Michael… No bravado. Pure magic. It’s hard to define or describe his approach, which is  part mentor and almost part-guru, but I’ll settle with this: Simply the most effective coach in London.” Steve T

“Most coaching is surface level. You feel better for a while, but soon enough you are back into your own habits. Michael’s approach is something else: it creates long-lasting transformation. His support has got me to the top of my game professionally and personally.” David R

“Michael helped me to overcome some of the biggest challenges in my life. Through his mentorship and guidance I was able to navigate my way through a health anxiety disorder that had completely destroyed my life. Coming from a state of utter despair and hopelessness, I was able to make peace with my condition and find gratitude in everything I had. Now I am living with a mindset I never knew existed! Thanks to Michael I have found my vision and passion for life! From the moment I first stepped into his workshop to where I am now, it has been a constant evolution towards something far greater within… I could write an essay, but his philosophy is the only way that has worked for me, and trust me I’ve tried quite a few different approaches. Thank you so much Michael!!” Arun R

What can I expect from a coaching package?

  • Self-imposed limitations or blocks are identified and support and guidance is offered in enabling you to move beyond these limitations.
  • Practical and highly effective techniques chosen specifically for the individual are shared, some of which can be taken away to be used as an everyday practice. This creates the potential for transformation and real results.
  • A safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment is provided allowing each person to clarify their own individual goals and intentions and talk freely and openly.

“I was going to give up on my acting career and now I’m starring in one of the biggest series on television right now. In between these two events, I met Michael. Go figure.” JL

“To be free of my own personal torture routine has brought me peace beyond belief.” Chris C

“Michael James is a great coach. He helps you decode the many paths toward joy and happiness, providing applied practices that we can all use to be and do more in our lives.” Edward B

Individual appointments usually last for 50 minutes to one hour and are available in packages which take place via Skype, including practical work between sessions. Bespoke programmes are also available. Michael offers an integrative, intuitive approach evoking elements of Humanistic Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy combined with his own unique method. In advanced programmes Michael introduces the Freedom process™ as his latest technology in transformation which gets rapid and sustainable results. These advanced programmes include, where relevant, Michael’s signature personalised and specific 1-2-1 visualisations, where new insights are revealed.

For more information and to book a free 15-minute consultation to see how one-to-ones appointments will work for you, please contact: