Michael James is an author, lecturer and teacher who has pioneered new ways of personal development, and helps people from all walks of life connect with their own inner truth and live their best life. Teaching through workshops, seminars and one-to-one sessions, he has developed a tried-and-tested method which inspires others to fully enjoy and heal their lives.


Michael has studied many different approaches and his early training included Integrative Counselling (Cognitive-Behavioural, Psychoanalytical and Humanistic). He writes articles which have been featured in leading publications (including The Huffington Post, Tiny Buddha and Elephant Journal) and he regularly facilitates events across the country, invited by organisations as diverse as the Yes! Group, Brixton Prison, London’s iconic Mind Body Spirit Festival and The Healing Trust. Michael continues to research new paradigms in personal development, stress management and mind-body medicine.

“The term “Life coach” doesn’t do him justice – Michael is a “Life guide”, he has got me in touch with my inner voice and encouraged me to steer my own way powerfully through the storms of life and onto huge success in my career and my relationships” Victoria H

“Michael is genuine, straightforward, down-to-earth, trustworthy and in a league of his own… I can’t rate him or his work highly enough.” Marco S

“Michael’s authentic presentation… is an experience not to be missed.” Natalie F

“It was Michael’s workshop that gave me a new outlook on life and a new beginning of happiness after years of depression… And I know I’m not the only one who has had this experience.” Graham W

“In his imitable, no-nonsense yet loving style – Michael James’ produces powerful results fast.” Nikki S

“After years on the personal development circuit getting nowhere I found Michael and my understanding of life changed… There’s something very powerful about Michael’s work – It has to be seen to be believed!” Sarah S

“Michael helped me to overcome some of the biggest challenges in my life. Through his mentorship and guidance I was able to navigate my way through a health anxiety disorder that had completely destroyed my life. Coming from a state of utter despair and hopelessness, I was able to make peace with my condition and find gratitude in everything I had. Now I am living with a mindset I never knew existed! Thanks to Michael I have found my vision and passion for life! From the moment I first stepped into his workshop to where I am now, it has been a constant evolution towards something far greater within… I could write an essay, but his philosophy is THE way because it is the only way that has worked for me, and trust me I’ve tried quite a few different approaches. Thank you so much Michael!!” Arun R

“Accepting of all and dogma free – this is spirituality for the new generation”  Scott T