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It doesn't matter how you are feeling- you can always feel better. And that's what this website is about: Proven ways to feel good more of the time no matter what’s going on.
Michael James offers practical and groundbreaking ideas for enjoying life. Not in theory- but where it matters in the middle of everyday life situations: Relationships, finances, body image, confidence, health. Real-life subjects that matter to us all. 
The boxes below are a good place to start: Feeling Low, Feeling Uninspired and Feeling Good already. Click on the mood you're currently feeling and take it from there, discovering ways to feel better from wherever you are - and create the life you want.

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Instant Feeling Good : Three Levels of Personal Empowerment


This book will help you feel ok no matter what is going on. With colour-coded sections to turn to depending on how you feel right now, each filled with practical techniques; this book is an in-the-moment guide to finding peace wherever you are; and also makes a good mood even better- putting you in the perfect position to create the life you want.
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