It doesn’t matter how you are feeling- you can always feel better. And that’s what this website is about: Proven ways to feel good more of the time no matter what’s going on.
Michael James offers practical and groundbreaking ideas for enjoying life. Not in theory- but where it matters in the middle of everyday life situations: Relationships, finances, body image, confidence, health. Real-life subjects that matter to us all. 
The boxes below are a good place to start: Feeling Low, Feeling Uninspired and Feeling Good already. Click on the mood you’re currently feeling and take it from there, discovering ways to feel better from wherever you are – and create the life you want.

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Creating your own reality can be a lot easier than people sometimes think it is.  This powerful book shows you the ‘basics’ of the Law of Attraction and also how to apply the it to experience what you want and to feel more enjoyment of life.  Discover powerful and easy to apply ways to put the teachings into practice, inspiring you to change your thoughts and improve every aspect of your life.

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