It doesn’t matter how you are feeling right now – you can always feel better. And that’s what this website is about: Soothing difficult emotions – and finding more consistent peace of mind and self-confidence. Proven ways to feel good more of the time no matter what’s going on – creating a successful life of purpose and meaning.
Michael offers practical and groundbreaking solutions for making life work –  and dealing with everyday life situations: Relationships, finances, body image, confidence, health and more.
The boxes below are a good place to start: Feeling Low, Feeling Uninspired and Feeling Good. Click on the mood you’re currently feeling and take it from there.

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lighthouse-front-a4LIGHTHOUSE: Navigate the emotional storms of life and discover the power within you

Are you ready for a powerful new approach to life?

LIGHTHOUSE will help you find freedom and confidence during life’s challenging times and reconnect you with the empowerment of your Real Self. With simple exercises and practical insights this is an essential guide to refer to again and again: Feeling down, angry or depressed? Your answer can be found by turning to the Feeling Low section. Begin reading anywhere, follow the guidance, and soothe yourself back into peace and calm again. Feeling low on energy or bored? Turn to Feeling Uninspired and relax into your clarity. Already feeling great? Turn to the Feeling Good section, further enhance your already-good mood and take it to the next level.


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